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It's a privilege to say that you have found your calling. My calling is in Human Resources. Specifically, my calling is recruiting. Apparently I enjoy selling and recruiting is about selling the candidate to the manager and selling the organization to the candidate. My professional history has included 27 years in healthcare of which 23 are in HR/Recruitment. I currently serve as a Recruitment Consultant for Jobscience, Inc. a Recruitment Solutions provider out of San Francisco, CA.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Social Networks for Recruiting?

If you are not taking advantage of social networks to add to your toolbox your organization is fighting an up-hill battle.  Looking at just the facts should convince you.
  • 70% of companies are using social networks as a means to engage customers.  
  • The average Facebook user has over 130 friends.  The average Twitter user has over 125 connections.  If you multiply that by the number of employees you have, think of the impact you can make.
  • Referrals are the BEST hires you can make.  Don't even get me started there.
As technology continues to change you can't leave recruitment completely in the hands of the recruiters.  It just can't get done that way.  What's wrong with creating a Facebook fan page or starting a blog.  Your candidates will see that your organization's employees are intelligently engaged and that will improve your brand.

Social media is not going away.  New sites are hitting the web daily.  Did I mention it's FREE?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who's looking for jobs?

A couple of newsletters prompted me to do some research and thus, write this blog post.  Do you ever check to see who is looking for jobs or what jobs people are looking for?  I did that today and I was very surprised by what I found.  Monster puts out a list every year about the top 50 job searches done that year.  I found several lists. provides a list of the top 99 job searches.  This list provided me with information like sales, manager, part time, marketing, management, customer service, entry level, project manager, engineer and accounting are the top 10 job searches performed.  Sales doesn't surprise me. Neither does manager.  What I am surprises at is engineer and project manager.  Also on that list are many information technology type jobs.  

Do you know what types of jobs your jobseekers are looking for?  Does your job descriptions reflect "industry-relevant" keywords for your talent to find you.  The best way to ensure you have the best search engine optimization is to make sure your job postings have good strong keywords in them.  Teach your jobseekers to include a keyword rich resume or work descriptions.  

Now for the punch in the gut.  In the past 48 hours people searching for jobs ranked 215 out of 500.  Job search lost out to barbecuing, Facebook, hotels, Walmart & Michael Jackson.  Does this tell us that people are putting their job searches on hold for the summer?  Looks like it.